Cannes was a fishermans village until 1834. Due to an outbreak of cholera in Nice, the English Prime Minister Lord Brougham settled in Cannes. The English nobility followed his example. 1870 Prosper Mérimeé (the author of Carmen) died here.


exceptional viewpoints
-Observatory in Super Cannes
-Pointe de la Croisette (near Casino Palm Beach)
-Tour du Mont Chevalier (tower on Suquet- the old town)

Selected Restaurants

(^= tables outside)
Aux Bons Enfants (80 r. Meynadier, >25 Euro)
Coté Jardin 0493386028 (12 av. St.Louis, >35 Euro, ^)
L’Affable 0493680209 (5 r. la Fontaine, >40 Euro)
Relais des Semailles 0493392232 (9 r. St. Antoine, >50 Euro, ^)
La Palme d´Or** 0493390338 (73 bd. Croisette (Hotel Martinez), >100 Euro, ^)
Le Park 45 * (45 bd. Croisette (Le Grand Hotel), >75 Euro, ^)

From Cannes harbour you can take a ship to Iles des Lerins.

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